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About Wadidoo

This site is dedicated to help high school students, young adults or anyone who wish to learn about what a particular career is all about and how they can achieve their career goals.

Please invite current or formerly employed friends and family you know to fill out the workday form to give young people a better picture of a typical workday experience. That information will be valuable since it is usually lacking in career and job descriptions.

Colleges in the United States that would like to prepare their own summaries to be posted on this website are welcomed. Please contact me at It would appear under college-local under an expanded menu that would list colleges by nearby large cities.

The site is put up by an educator who has seen over a period of over 47 years of teaching undergraduates the misconceptions and lack of knowledge students have about the careers their chosen major leads to. As a result I found that many students waste time and money changing majors midstream or do poorly and drop out because the degree they are pursuing is not well aligned with their true interests. I hope this site will give them further clarity to help visitors decide and select a career and find a school program they can afford to realize their goals.

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