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Workday for Computer software designer/programmer

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Workday of Computer software designer/programmer submitted by Chloe Chao

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Job Title:
Senior Software Engineer

Educational Level:
Master's degree

If you received a degree, what was your major:
Computer Science

Additional training or certifications you received for the job related to this workday description:
ScrumMaster certification

Years in current job category:

Current salary range per year:

What I do when I arrive or early workday activity:
Update my local version of software from the shared source repository. Compile a clean build of the source. Catch up on email and newly filed bug tickets while the build runs.

Typical daily middle of workday activity:
Iterations of code changes, compiling the code and testing the resulting executable. Taking design specifications for new features and breaking them down into tasks and subtasks with accompanying development estimates.

Late workday activity:
Daily stand-up meeting with my team which touches on progress and findings that we think impact the team. Identify any blockers/impediments to work progress and try to help any teammates who are blocked.

After Work activity:
Video games

General comments about the workday and the job:
This kind of job is a great match for people who enjoy puzzles, especially logic puzzles. The software engineers who most enjoy their job describe it as being paid to solve puzzles all day.